Thanks Lenny for sharing your knowledge in the art form of tai chi.  Your method of teaching and your insight into the subject make classes a very rewarding experience.


When I started classes two years ago, I went in with no real expectations or goals.  I have learned so much, and thoroughly enjoy the classes.  I feel it combines both a body and mind workout in such a way that I always feel more relaxed after class.

Peg Gilbert

I was referred to tai chi by my spine physician assistant.  She also suggested yoga, additional steroid injections and likely future surgery.  I was  a skeptic but took a class at my senior center to "try it out."  After the first basic introduction, my pain level in my back went from a 7 to a 2 and has remained that way.  Also, my balance on ice and on uneven surfaces has improved significantly.  There are also important lessons for body image integrity (e.g., centering and holistic balance).  I am now a convert and enjoy weekly sessions with Len Burlingame.  He does well at integrating people with widely differing ages and physical abilities and does some individualizing of instruction for those with advanced skills.  


Your classes have been so helpful.  I know my balance is better.  Therapy just didn't help the way your approach has helped.

Thanks so much for that!