Evolving Traditions Programs

Harmonica Qigong

Our Harmonica Qigong is a Mindful Breathing Program which is a blend of the mindful relaxing methods of the body and breath of Tai Chi meditations while learning how to play the Harmonica.  It is a unique, healthy, and fun program. 


Lenny has blended his decades of Harmonica, Tai Chi and Meditation experience into a nice learning experience.  Initially the programs goals were to assist people with breathing conditions and pulmonary diseases but it soon became evident that an overlap occurred and these methods could assist the quality of life of others by reducing stress and anxiety, bringing awareness around our breathing, learn an instrument and have fun!


It all starts with breathing awareness, then control.  We discuss and practice simple breathing methods, including diaphragmatic breathing and pursed lip breathing and make it fun by learning how to play a harmonica!


Classes consist of some warm ups, awareness exercises, breathing methods and harmonica playing!  No need to have any musical knowledge.  All you need to bring is water.  A harmonica will be provided at a cost, or you can purchase your own harmonica in the key of C.




Self-Defense Program

Our Self-Defense Program is simple fun and easy.  I share my experiences that have influenced my personal view of what self defense can be.  My 40 years of experience studying several martial arts including my "turning points" helped me create this program. 


A mix several martial arts along with everyday movement will be at the core of all the work.  Mechanics, alignments and simple movements are explored rather than a hard cardio work out.  Discussion and awareness based ideas are covered, so a balance of physical and mental conditions is met.  Simple moves are performed and refined to bring a better sense of confidence.


Mixed martial arts is a term but it really depends what you "mix up".  Like a soup or stew, it all depends on the ingredients when you mix things up.  Len mixes up his unique self defense program with his martial arts, meditation, and tai chi, natural body movements to make it fun and easy to learn! 

Self-defense classes using your everyday natural movements WITH mindfulness (mind intention!).  Intentions on our eight natural weapons.