A Taste of Tai Chi 

Just for beginners

Thursday morning Dec 7th 9-10:15 AM 

at Westfield Yoga Center, 94 North Em St, Suite 211, Westfield, MA

Pre-registration required - click here for information or to register


What to Expect 

The theme of this class is to bring slow rhythmic movements in harmony with the breath to promote deep relaxation.  We will explore releasing, also known as sung, through soft, smooth, circular, spiral and rhythmic movements. Sung is a principle in Tai Chi that can be experienced without learning the complexities of a Tai Chi form.  We will explore how these ideas can be integrated into daily life and, if desired, in learning a Tai Chi Form.  Open conversation among class participants will lead the direction of the information shared.  This class requires no prior Tai Chi experience just a willingness to learn.

Whip City Tai Chi Yang Style Tai Chi Form


Our Tai Chi Program follows the methods of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.  Classes are modified to accommodate each individuals needs but the same principals and methods are followed.  Following these methods and principals are where the real health benefits are to be explored and discovered.


These methods of seeking balance and centeredness, working on proper structural alignments, releasing tensions and developing internal strength are all awareness based and they set up a foundation for learning - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  These are excellent tools to help navigate thru many physical and mental endeavors whether your goal is to reduce stress, improve any athletic endeavor, improve balance, increase flexibility and strength, meditate, learn a martial art or balance energy and organize your thoughts.  Read more.. 


All programs at Whip City Tai Chi & Evolving Traditions are taught by Len Burlingame with over 40 years in martial arts training and  holds Advanced Teacher Certification.