New on Tuesdays!  Classes at 62 School Street, Westfield, Mass, (Side Entrance). 

Mornings 9:30-10:45am:  Beginners

Evenings 5:30-6:45pm:   Returning students and more experienced players. 


Registration is now open for Fall 2019 classes at Westfield State University!!

Whip City Tai Chi’s Goals


To provide a non-aggressive, non-competitive environment for learning and to encourage students to go at a pace that is comfortable for them, all while learning how to integrate the material into daily life and developing a personal practice.  “We need this stuff nowadays”.  It’s the perfect antidote to our modern age! Our accumulated tensions, stresses in our bodies and minds and our internal restless monkey mind jumping every which way is like an anchor holding us back from our potential.  A calm mind and relaxed body - it’s simple. That’s the power, that’s the magic! 

Tai Chi Chuan




Tai Chi is an ancient time tested exercise program for health, mental awareness, meditation and self-defense. It is a big art that has many benefits and can fill many appetites. The methods for acquiring these benefits can be learned by anyone! Physical exercises, intellectual knowledge and philosophy go hand and hand in this art and are keys to a lifetime of successful training. 


Whip City Tai Chi, Westfield, Massachusetts


Personal Development


Tai Chi’s basic methods are applicable to every walk of life really, from healers to martial artists. These methods set up a foundation for learning - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Some basic methods of seeking balance and centeredness, working on proper alignments, releasing tensions and developing internal strength are all awareness based. These are excellent tools to help navigate thru many physical and mental endeavors whether your goal is to meditate, improve any athletic endeavor, balance energy, release emotional stress or to organize thoughts.