Tai Chi Forms

Use the guiding points to transition into your Tai Chi practice.  The Yang Style Tai Chuan sequence will serve to supplement your practice outside of the classroom.




Section 1

1.    Preparation North

2.    Ward Off Left N

3.    Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail E

4.    Single Whip W

5.    Raise Hands and Step Up N

6.    Shoulder Stroke N

7.    White Crane Spreads Wings W

8.    Brush Knee Twist Step Left W

9.    Hands Play the Lute W

10.Brush Knee and Twist Step Left W

11.Step Forward Deflect, Parry, and Punch W

12.Withdraw and Push W

13.Cross Hands N


Section 2

14.Carry Tiger, Return to the Mountain SE

15.Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail SE

16.Diagonal Single Whip NW

17.Fist Under Elbow W

18.Step Back Repulse Monkey W

19.Step Back Repulse Monkey W

20.Step Back Repulse Monkey W

21.Step Back Repulse Monkey W

22.Step Back Repulse Monkey W

23.Diagonal Flying NE

24.Wave Hands N

25.Wave Hands N

26.Wave Hands N

27.Wave Hands N

28.Wave Hands N

29.Single Whip W 


Section 3                                                     

30.Snake Creeps Down W

31.Golden Rooster Stands on Left Leg W

32.Golden Rooster Stands on Right Leg W

33.Separate Foot Kick Right NW

34.Separate Foot Kick Left SW

35.Turn and Kick with Heel E

36.Brush Knee Twist Left E

37.Brush Knee Twist Right E

38.Bend, Punch Down E

39.Step Up Grasp Sparrow’s Tail E

40.Single Whip W


Section 4

41.Fair Lady Works the Shuttles NE

42.Fair Lady Works the Shuttles NW

43.Fair Lady Works the Shuttles SW

44.Fair Lady Works the Shuttles SE

45.Ward Off Left N

46.Grasp Sparrow’s Tail E

47.Single Whip W

48.Snake Creeps Down W

49.Step Up Seven Stars W

50.Retreat Ride Tiger W

51.Sweep Lotus Leg W

52.Bend Bow Shoot Tiger W

53.Step Up Deflect Parry and Punch W

54.Withdraw and Push W

55.Cross Hands N










1.    Relax

2.    Sink

3.    The chest should be held in, back straightened, shoulders sunk, elbows lowered.

4.    A light and nimble energy should be preserved on the top of the head.  The lowest vertebrae should be plumb erect.

5.    All the movements are directed by the mind.  One does not use external muscular force.

6.    Upper parts and lower parts follow each other, and the body acts as one unit.

7.    Insubstantial and substantial must be clearly differentiated.

8.    Concentrate the line of vision.

9.    All the movements must be connected without severance.  When the energy is severed, use mind-intent to reconnect it.

10.Meditate in action.