Tai Chi & Evolving Traditions Programs          Class Schedule and Sign-Ups

We are all being affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.  In an effort to help stop the spread of the virus, all classes with Whip City Tai Chi have been temporarily suspended.  


To best support you during this time, please check out these free video lessons:

Harmonica Qigong and Tai Chi Inner Stillness

Want to hold a class or workshop at your venue?  We also offer private and semi-private lessons.


Tai Chi

Location:  West Springfield Senior Center

128 Park Street

West Springfield, MA 


Tuesday Morning Tai Chi 

Beginners Class:  Ongoing

Time:  10:30am-11:30am


This beginners Tai Chi class is geared to get you started with learning the basics of the Yang Style 37 Short Form postures and movements, along with breathing techniques for relaxation and stress reduction and methods to help improve balance, muscle tone and joint mobility.



Tai Chi

Location:  Suffield Senior Center

Suffield, Connecticut


Tuesday Afternoon Tai Chi  

Time:   2:15pm-3:15pm

Beginning March 17th



Tai Chi 

Location:  The Wellness Center At Crane Pond

77 Mill Street, Bottom Entrance

Westfield, Mass


New Tuesday Evening Tai Chi  

Ongoing Classes for all skill levels


Time: 6pm-7:15pm  

Cost: $15 per class or $55 per month

Class will consist of loosening and body awareness methods, standing/sitting meditation and Tai Chi postures.

Class will continue from 7:15pm-7:30pm for intermediate students with emphasis on the Yang Style 37 Short form and two person exercises. This class will help improve balance, increase flexibility and strength, reduce stress and anxiety, and learn meditation technicques. Classes are ongoing for all skill levels, beginners are welcome



Tai Chi & Self-Defense Workshops

Location:  Westfield State University

Western Avenue

Westfield, Mass


Wednesday Evening Self-Defense Workshop 

February 26 – March 25,2020 (No class on 3/11)

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm  

This self-defense workshop series is great for anyone looking to get a taste of martial arts or those who just want to gain a sense of confidence when finding themselves in an uncomfortable situation.  Classes will consist of exercises to loosen up the body and center the mind to prepare for learning before self-defense techniques are presented. The first class will be an eclectic blend of intellectual knowledge and efficient body mechanics that are very much related to everyday movements and daily activities that can be made into self-defense moves. The following classes build upon that simple foundation and expand deeper into techniques and interests requested by participants



Wednesday Evening Self-Defense/Tai Chi Workshops at Westfield State University

February 26-April 22,2020 (No Class on 3/11)

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm   

This series of workshops is a combination of the four week Self-Defense workshop and the four week Tai Chi workshop offered as a package at a discounted rate.





Wednesday Evening Tai Chi Workshop at Westfield State University

April 1 – April 22, 2020 

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm  

Tai Chi is an exercise program that promotes personal development physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Many benefits can be obtained by the practice of Tai Chi including improved flexibility, balance, muscle tone, joint mobility, and mental awareness. Tai Chi is also a great way to release tension and stress and learn self defense skills.  Classes will consist of warm ups, mindful awareness of organizing the body, and mind and form practice, all of which are presented in a non-aggressive, non-competitive environment. Students are encouraged to go at a pace that is comfortable to them.




Tai Chi

Location:  Westfield Yoga Center

94 North Elm Street, Suite 211

Westfield, Mass


Thursday Morning Tai Chi 

Beginners Class:  Ongoing

Time:  8:15am - 9:15am

Basic mind and body awareness techniques are introduced to help calm the mind and internal chatter.  Standing meditation, tai chi movement, breathing and relaxation techniques as well as body alignments and body awareness techniques, and balance are covered in this program.  This class is designed for beginners but is also a great refresher course for anyone looking to review basics or has attended a Tai Chi class before.


Open Class All Skill Levels:  Ongoing

Time:  9:30am-10:30am.  


Drop ins are always welcome to join any class.  





Harmonica Qigong

Location:  Suffield Senior Center

Suffield, Connecticut


Thursday Afternoon Harmonica Qigong  

Time:   3:00pm-4:00pm

Classes consist of some warm ups, awareness exercises, breathing methods and harmonica playing!  No need to have any musical knowledge.  All you need to bring is water.  A harmonica will be provided at a cost, or you can purchase your own harmonica in the key of C. 




Tai Chi 

Easthampton Council on Aging

19 Union Street

Easthampton, Mass


Friday Morning Tai Chi 

Time:  9:00am-10:00am

Great for body awareness, balance, muscle tone, flexibility as well as relaxation.  For Easthampton residents age 55+.



Harmonica Qigong Workshop

Location:  Westfield Yoga Center

94 North Elm Street, Suite 211

Westfield, Mass


Friday Evenings 

4 Week Series:  March 20th, 27th, April 3rd & 10th

Time:  6:00pm - 7:30pm

Fee:  $80 with your own harmonica in the key of C or a harmonica can be purchased at the workshop for $30

Pre-registration required.


Harmonica Qigong is a Mindful Breathing Program which is a blend of the mindful relaxing methods of the body and breath of Tai Chi meditations while learning how to play the Harmonica.  It is a unique, healthy, and fun program.  Lenny has blended his decades of Harmonica, Tai Chi and Meditation experience into a unique & fun breathing program to assist people with breathing conditions and improve the quality of life of others.


Learn breathing methods to help improve awareness of breathing.  Reduce stress and anxiety.  No need to have any musical knowledge.  Learn to play the harmonica and just have fun!


Tai Chi, Qigong and Self-Defense Skills for the Workplace


Give employees the skills they need to recognize and evaluate everyday problems and how to respond physically and mentally.  Develop skills to recognize and release tension and obtain calmness through methods obtained from the arts of Tai Chi, Qigong and Self-Defense with techniques related to everyday movements and daily activities.  Lenny has Advanced Teacher Certification and over 35 years in the martial arts and enjoys sharing his knowledge to help students learn these techniques as well as ways to improve health, reduce stress and anxiety and feel more centered and balanced. Classes are appropriate for all age employees and can be held at your place of business.  Contact Lenny for more information on Workplace Workshops.


We Offer Private and Semi-Private Lessons for Tai Chi, Harmonica Qigong, Employee Wellness Workshops, Self-Defense Workshops.