Lenny Burlingame started his study of body movement arts thru martial arts training in 1980 and has been consistently studying, training and teaching for over 40 years and has Advanced Teacher Certification. 


The main focus of his training for nearly 35 years has been in the internal arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua and Qigong with most devoted to Tai Chi Chuan.  Lenny has also received black belts in Kenpo Karate and Modern Arnis.  Lenny continues to teach, study and train along with participating in numerous seminars, workshops and lessons to further his skills in Tai Chi and Qigong and to share openly.


 Here are a few of the teachers, training partners and others who have had an influence and an enormous impact on his art: Bill Arcand, Grandmaster Sam Chin, Master Ray Hayward, Master T.T. Liang, Sifu JR Roy, Bruce Kumar Frantzis, Bob Linder, Lisa Berger, Adam Mizner, Mark Rasmus.  


Lenny also has decades of harmonica lessons from many professional harmonica playersas well as his own experience playing harmonica in many blues bands.  Of note professional musicians that he studied with who have made a tremendous impact on Lenny are Annie Raines, Ottomatic Slim, Ed Vadas, and Richard Salwitz.  He has also been greatly influenced by many of the great harmonica blues legends of the past.