Class Descriptions

Tai Chi

Tai Ci classes consist of gentle warm ups and Qigong exercises for loosening and centering the body and mind.  Fundamentals are covered and reviewed and specific exercises are included to facilitate learning the Yang Style Tai Chi form.  A mindful eye of awareness is encouraged while being present and in the moment. Classes consist of some serious study and some downright fun!  Partner training, non-competitive push hands training and self defense applications are also explored for the more experienced players and for those who want to be a bit more adventurous .   


Tai Chi Seniors

Tai Chi for Seniors is a  simplified  version of Tai Chi that has been modified to meet the needs of seniors.

self defense classes

Workshops are modified per request.  The mix of external and internal arts will be at the core of all the work.  Mechanics and alignments are explored rather than a hard cardio work out.  Discussion and awareness based ideas are covered. Simple moves are performed and refined to bring a better sense of confidence.


Circling hands

Circling Hands is a great way to keep the joints loose and greased up. The joints of the entire body get warmed up in a relaxed way. Great for anyone. All ages. Long time martial artists to seniors all can benefit from  this form of exercise.  Works as a great way to soften up the mind and body. Great for Tai Chi Players. 

Push hands

Two person training and push hands Workshops-Currently holding Tai Chi sensitivity, energetics and awareness partner training . These classes are held on Sundays at the  In Body Movement and Healing Arts Studio in  Deerfield Massachusetts.  For more information or to sign up, send us an email.


Employee Wellness workshops and classes

Tai Chi, Qigong and Self-Defense.   These are traditional Chinese exercises that are practiced for health benefits as well as for self-defense.  Lenny enjoys sharing his knowledge to help students learn techniques to improve their health, reduces stress and anxiety and feel more centered and balanced. Classes are appropriate for all age employees and can be held at your place of business.  

Harmonica for health

Private or group harmonica lessons . For beginners and intermediate players. Acoustic and electric styles. Pursed lip and tongue blocking methods. Lenny considers the harmonica to be an "internal instrument."  It is unique in that you don't need to see it (you actually cant see it) to play.  Really, all you need is a few good lessons, along with a disciplined  practice to get you into the game.   Just breathe! It's healthy!


Lenny was initially self taught by ear, then pursued lessons with four great teachers and played for over four decades.  This has given him insight into being able to modify lessons to meet your individual needs allowing you to enjoy this fine little instrument.


Learn about techniques, tone, breathing patterns, amps, mics, and incorporating the harmonica with other instruments.  


Or...just learn to breath into a little song!


  • Harmonica for Health:
  • Healthy breathing
  • Play music with others
  • Awareness of breath                                                                                                           
  • Fun
  • Great for Seniors
  • Great for COPD
  • Improve lung capacity                           
harmonica lessons, western mass, breath work